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An antidote to my more commercial mainstream photography. The larger images are usually mine, the smaller reblogged images are art I like and often the type of images that I might like to produce working in collaboration others.

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Life, at Home: Natasha digital out-takes

My blog for my Life, at Home project has kicked off at and the project has kicked off too after my shoot with Natasha. There are no photos on that blog yet as it will only contain images captured on film. But I did take quite a lot of shots on digital too, sort of out-takes I guess, but what I was often doing was making sure that things worked on digital before turning to film. These are my favourites of those.

My thanks to Natasha’s husband Matt for being there! 

Natasha’s links: Blog:  Facebook: 

The Will Crooks Estate

Poplar, London. Life in the shadow of willful crooks :)
Tri X Film in a Pentax MX with Sigma 24 - 70 mm lens.

Chrisp Street Market

Chrisp Street Market,  Poplar, was built in the 1950s,  is in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, and forms part  of the large Lansbury Estate.

Standard and Stylist

Distributing free newspapers and magazines, Stylist and Evening Standard, at Leicester Square tube station, London.

Starbucks Applerama

All arranged in neat rows for a dynamic social experience at Starbucks, South End Green, Hampstead, London.
A reflection of a London bus to prove where we are…

From Pennyfields to Canary Wharf

A parade of shops just off the West India Dock Road at Westferry with the towers of Canary Wharf 10 minutes walk but a world away.
Tri X Film in a Pentax MX.

On the steps of St Martins

People taking a rest in the sun on the steps of St Martins in the Fields church, Trafalgar Square, London.

Tri X Film in a Pentax MX with 50mm f1.4 lens.

Cool or what?

I mean the VW camper of course…

At the Vintage Car Boot Sale on London’s South Bank. Tri X Film in a Pentax MX with 50mm f1.4 lens.

White Horse at Poverty Bottom

I was not expecting this to be my favourite image from this test roll of film. I rarely take animal shots this close, but accidents of development have combined nicely with my composition to produce a result that I really like.

I was out testing the Pentax 645 & 150mm lens that I had just bought on eBay. I was also testing the processing of Tri-X in Rodinal, which I messed up somewhat (see previous post!) but here I converted to monochrome and with a bit of tweaking it messed up in the right way. 

Mrs H.

Kodak Tri-X developed in Rodinal. Trying out ‘new’ Pentax 645 with ‘new’ 150mm f3.5.
Something amiss in the development process :)


Live at the Green Door Store, Brighton


Live at the Green Door Store, Brighton

Two photos from Camden Town

Yesterday, as part of my North Circular Wall project, I revisited Kentish Town where I lived for 13 years. I then strolled down to Camden Town leaving myself wondering how fake this place is becoming in pursuit of the tourist’s pounds. At the end of the walk was the final straw, End of the World as we know it, the two pubs at the centre of Camden Town opposite the Tube station, The World’s End and Camden Eye, are now adorned with iPhone advertising.


Fortunately, some things in Camden have not changed. Handily placed just opposite the tube station are the Gents’ toilets. Still free, and still just as yucky to visit as 20 years ago. 



…the Sunday Nude Selfie… - every Sunday on this tumblr!

Love the dynamics of this!

We don’t know each other

All three of us. Brighton seafront, 2005

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