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An antidote to my more commercial mainstream photography. The larger images are usually mine, the smaller reblogged images are art I like and often the type of images that I might like to produce working in collaboration others.

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Trash Art (1995, modified 2012)

Not quite my usual style, but to a large extent I am my art and this image exists and fits the bill for the Moan Lisa Art Akademie call for Trash Art.

I was undoubtedly trying to achieve something different at the time but once printed one wonders exactly what? Far too obscure (as to meaning, beyond weirdness) and uncomplimentary an image to ever wish to show. But then, in time, sometimes an image finds its place, albeit that is trash.

Also to be sent out as mailart in an edition of one; to prove my credentials as a Paleo-FLUXUS artist :)

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